Celebrating 1.5 Million Bets!

BananoBet is nearing 1,500,000 bets mark!

To celebrate we're sponsoring some BANANO giveaways!

  • Two - 5,000 BANANO giveaways on the BananoBet Discord after reaching 1.5 million bets.
  • The user who makes bet #1,500,000 will receive 2,000 BANANO. 
  • The first 3 users who make bets with verified bet IDs after reaching 1,500,000, AND have a bet amounts of 1,000 or more will be given 1,000 BANANO each.  

Here's to 1.5 million more 🎲🥂

Update: 8/3/2018 by Purian23

Congratulations to the winners: @mospretman, @dlvs, @gruvious, @erqte, @cati, and @Gollo Tattoo 56. We'll see you back at 2 Million bets!


- The BananoBet Team