Gameplay & Referral Changes

Greetings, BananoBet Members! 

We have made some backend changes to allow new betting and referral opportunities!

  • A new referral system is in place to allow LIFETIME Referral payouts!
  • Check the user dashboard on the Affiliate Program tab for your links to distribute for lifetime payout opportunities. 
  • The Autobet minimum has been lowered to 1 Banano. (formally the minimum was 3)
  • You are able to manually bet 1 or more Bananos without any delays in your bets. (formally the minimum was 3)
  • New console warning for bots. We are aware of folks using bots.
  • These are used at your own risk and losses caused by third party software will not be refundable.

The use of third party bots is discouraged and even against BananoBet policy. A malicious party could instruct you to paste a script in the browser that can steal your funds.

We're always improving and welcome your feedback! 


- The BananoBet Team