One Month Anniversary & Two Million Bets!

One Month!

Today, we celebrate our 1/month anniversary! We worked on this project for months with a two-week beta testing period, which greatly helped the final release. We'd like to thank everyone who helped make this possible, including the creators of Banano! We admired what they have been able to create, while helping educate others, supply and contribute to the bigger picture all around the world. Our goal was to be the first in this arena with Banano, while being transparent, provably fair and people you could count on.

The BananoBet website will continue to grow with more optimizations, options and games as we move forward. Your feedback and idea are always welcome by contacting us on any of our social platforms or direct via email.

Some of the ideas we have planned to implement are:

  • Stats per/session per/user
  • Dashboard enhancements
  • Enhanced ticket support system
  • Chat notifications with enhanced chatting abilities
  • New gaming options such a roulette/poker etc.    

2 Million Bets!

Yesterday we reached a milestone with 2 million bets made! We announced some fun giveaways to show our gratitude for such a feat. After hitting our mark just yesterday morning, we’re already nearing another 250,000 more! For that we thank you all.

Below are the winners of yesterday’s giveaways!

  • Bet number 2,000,000 winner ~ Champagne
  • 1st bet of 10,000 or more after mark ~ Mojo
  • 1st bet of 5,000 or more after mark  ~ Sivulla
  • 1st bet of 2,500 or more after mark  ~ Champagne
  • 1st 5,000 Banano giveaway winner  ~ Anton
  • 2nd 5,000 Banano giveaway winner ~ Toqs1986
  • 3rd 5,000 Banano giveaway winner  ~ M
  • 4th 5,000 Banano giveaway winner  ~ Sergey M

Congratulation to the winners and thank you for playing!


-The BananoBet Team