The New BananoBet Faucet

The BananoBet faucet received a complete re-design today.

Initially when BananoBet launched it had a faucet that was very liberal in distribution. Claim banano once per day with no restrictions. It became apparent that very first weekend that restrictions were needed and new ones were added every week or in some cases multiple times per week. The faucet became confusing, clunky, and still experiences constant abuse.

Today, the faucet has received a complete makeover. The concept is simple - instead of trying to be a distribution mechanism for banano, the new faucet is geared towards allowing you to play on BananoBet for free - indefinitely.

You can claim the faucet if:

  • Your account balance is 0
  • You have negative profits on the site that are more than or equal to how much you have received from faucet. Example: I have claimed 30 faucet bananos, lost 25 - I'm still ineligible. If I claimed 30 faucet bananos and lost 30 or more to the game, then I can claim the faucet again


  • You can claim faucet up to 4 times per day, with a 3-minute waiting period between claims
  • The faucet amount has been reduced to 5 BANANO per claim.
  • Faucet will give you specific reasons as to why you cannot claim it.
  • New accounts automatically claim the first faucet payment, upon email confirmation.

Note that faucet farming or abuse will result in a ban from BananoBet.

Happy Betting!